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Thursday, 3 May 2012

New Title, new deadline

Well, our next book is slightly different, it's a crime thriller by Danielle Ramsay called "Broken Silence".  I've downloaded it onto the Kindle and now need to find some time (ha!) to read it.  Our evening was as fun as ever and the bike was the right decision.  Next month is at our house, so the bike can stay in the shed, but I must plan supper - which will be a tough act to follow.

One author that I've enjoyed reading recently is Alice Peterson, her new book, called "Ten Years On" has just been released and I can feel a purchase coming on.  I have read one of her novels called "Monday to Friday man" which is about a girl who wants to rent out her spare room and her friends suggest she gets a Monday to Friday man, which she does, and whom she becomes very curious about.  Alice's first book "A Will To Win", which I am determined to read at some point, is about Alice's own battle to live with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  There are others on my list "Help" by Kathryn Stockett and "The Room" by Emma Donoghue - both highly recommended.

A good way, I have found, to get suggestions of what to read next is to use Facebook.  I had some great replies to a status saying "I need a new book - what do you recommend?".  That kept me reading for months, particularly as one was a trilogy.

When do I read?  Alas not at night time - my eyelids simply don't co-operate.  If woken early and the brain starts to sort out logistics, then I can definitely get a few pages turned.  I try to sneak in the odd page whilst the children are playing or otherwise distracted, although they do cotton onto this quite quickly.  If a book is particularly gripping and husband is at home, then I do request quiet time and allow Daughter, Son and Husband to have some quality time together, whilst I slip away with my book, and two great friends of mine "peace and quiet"!  The only time I try really hard to resist the book is when the children are eating their supper, as I'm a great believer that during mealtimes they should have my full attention.

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