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This is my blog and "My Time". Time for a few moments to myself: Time away from chores and Time to stop the whirring of family logistics that keep my brain permanently occupied. I am Mother of two, wife of one, with a dog to complete the set. I have a full time job and spend every free hour trying to ensure school bags are packed, birthdays remembered and bills paid. My life is chaotic, fun, demanding and fast. I, like most people, need more time.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Secret's out

What a great day.  I have finally admitted to someone other than Husband that I'm now a blogger!  Best Friend, who moved away last year, is a veritable professional compared to me, and made lots of suggestions by email, that I need to try to understand over the coming days.  It was great to share "my secret" with someone and all I wanted to do all day, was get home and get blogging!  I hope this does not make me sad.

I am now home and on the computer.  Friday night is "film night" in our house.  Daughter and Son, having been living by the clock all week, as we desperately try to get to places on time, are allowed a picnic-style supper in front of the telly, watching a film of their choice.  It is a real chance to slow the day down and chill.  I am usually joining them, in pj's, feet up and a glass of wine (for me).  Husband off singing in a choir, returns after a visit to the pub to discuss the evening's singing. Lovely.