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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Book Club

Well, I never thought I would join a Book Club.  The idea of having to read a book by a deadline and then discuss it in detail, just did not seem like fun to me.  However a few girlies from the village decided it would be.  As I am now working full time, I don't see friends as often as I'd like, so this seemed the perfect way to stay in touch.

So our book club was born and I do think we should use the term "book club" a little loosely.  Yes, we do read a book, yes we do discuss the book, but it's really about us girls getting together to catch up and sip wine.  Oh, and it's always advisable to go by bike.

Recent reads have been:
  • "One Day" by David Nicolls.  A story of two students who meet up on the same day every year, and how their lives change year on year.  It was an easy read, which was enjoyed by all.  It is also a film, but I hear that is not so good.
  • "Before you go to sleep" by S J Watson.  A story of a woman who woke up, next to a man she did not know, that she suddenly realised he was married.  Thinking she had really blown it this time, she went to the bathroom and saw photos of her, with this man, and a message saying that she lost her memory when she slept.  So every new day, she had to start all over again.  We all liked the book, and it was certainly a page turner and one that I wanted to get to the end.  The only slightly negative comment was that we felt we did not get to know the main character very well.
  • "Ship of Brides" by JoJo Moyes.  This is a story set after the war, and tells how the Aussie brides left home, their families and friends, and travelled across the world to join their new husbands, whom they had not seen for a long time.  The 600 brides in this story did not travel on liners, but on an aircraft carrier, with 100 men also on board.  It was not the easy-read of the earlier books, but well worth it.

Now I'm off to find out what is next...

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