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Saturday, 28 April 2012

We did it.

We have all survived the first week of term. In the past we have returned on a Monday for two and a half days of meetings and then boarders back on Wednesday and day on Thursday.  However, this time the boarders came back on Sunday and day on Monday, so our first week was a full one!  I will admit to being a little tired...

We shared our Friday night film night with our great family mates, who are sadly soon to leave these shores (boo hiss).  It was fun, and I returned from work to find all 5 children fed and washed - all I had to do was to turn on the telly, open the wine and catch up with A.  If you have not seen "Hop" it's a great film for kiddies.

Talking of which, my other great mate, Sarah Miles (you must read her blog called "Hello Wall") who left these parts (not shores luckily) last year, sent me a brilliant birthday present.  A Costa token.  We used to sneak off for Costa as often as possible when they lived in the area, and I saw the tokens recently and thought of her, but her birthday has already happened.  I think I'll save the token to share with A or Sarah.

I love keeping in touch with friends, but I am truely awful at it, and not helped by my electric devices losing address and contact details, never helps.  In fact, tomorrow we're hoping to meet up with a great girl I used to work with.  The weather looks bad, so we'll need an indoor plan....

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