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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Walk the walk...

Today we managed to fit in a short sponsored walk, watch a bride leave the Church (big excitement for 6 year old Daughter), get a sneak look into the 1930s Rolls Royce, and all this followed by a playdate with with the Youngest family.

The school supports Save The Children with an annual walk, and has done for 40 years.  Originally we did the walk along the route to The Cathedral, however it is now a walk around the school grounds and ends with a roast lunch in the dining room.  The route was much reduced this year due to the incredible amount of rain that we've had over the last week - it is a drought, of course - and so the start time was a little later.  We just got there in time and set off a few minutes before the back marker.  As it was getting close to lunchtime, I did not hold out much hope for two little ones reaching the end, so lots of encouragement was needed, (including cookies and brownies).  They got half way round (about 1 mile) and we took the direct route back to lunch.  Daughter, who was previously totally against the whole idea of a walk, was disappointed not to get to the end, but (younger) Son could not be persuaded to continue on.  The chance of seeing friends at lunch made the decision easier.  The day was a big success with everyone enjoying the walk, which was not as slippery as it could have been, and lunch, with wine, kept parents happy and the bucket for donations topped up. Total amount raised is not finalised, but will hopefully be in the region of £2,000+.

After lunch we headed to friends house for a play, and managed to see the bride leaving the Church as we drove past.  I had thought we had missed this important part of the day, but we were in luck.  The bride, our neighbours' daughter, looked stunning, as did her new husband and the bridesmaids.  We, however, we in muddy trousers and wellies, and kept a very low profile.

Two tired little ones into bed, so Husband and I were able to sit down and enjoy watching "The Voice" on BBC1.

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